Renee Masur


Renee Masur was a student

Renees rating: A terrific 5/5

I have always loooved going to school. I despised getting sick because I would have to stay home from school. This wasn't my attitude all the time, but really, I loved anything to do with books, paper, and pens.

Renee Masur was a Food Preparation Worker

Renees rating: A satisfactory 3/5

I worked at a Chinese Food Restaurant for many of my teenage years. Not really my favourite job, but it was a paycheck. The reason I give this an apathetic face is because of the family I worked for. They were fun, sweet, and truly hardworking. I haven't worked there for a couple years, but I still go see them every Christmas Eve. It's now a tradition.

Renee Masur is a Content Manager

Renees rating: A terrific 5/5

This work didn't begin with this title.

I knew I wanted to work with Sokanu the moment I read the mission statement of the company. The words "help people find their passion" resonated with me and I knew I had to help. I knew I liked to write...but I didn't know what that meant I should do. Write a book? One day. But I was still looking for my path. I even considered becoming a career counselor when I was in high school. Maybe if I didn't know, I could help someone else figure it out.

Then the chance came along for me to help people. I started as an intern writing content for the career pages. Since my "expertise" was writing, my focus was on the Journalism and Writing careers. After that, I worked closely with Spencer Thompson, though remotely, (props to Skype) building our vision for the company and spending many hours in spreadsheets collecting data.

I had no plans to end my internship. Whatever Sokanu was up to, I wanted to be a part of it and contribute however I could.

I think that when you see a vision, and you just KNOW it will succeed, giving up is not an option. After a year and a half, Spencer asked me to move to Vancouver (a city I'd imagined living in since I was little) to work for Sokanu full time.

The rest is history. And right now.

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Renee is a Caregiver

Caregivers are natural generators for positive energy. They thrive in social settings, especially when cultivating creativity. Expression and originality are important to the Caregiver—they are fascinated with the designs of life and love to share their findings with other people. Their attention is captivated by the oddities around them. The Caregiver's empathetic and sensitive nature makes them natural people-persons.

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