Ryan West

Ryan West is a Ski Patroller

Ryans rating: A terrific 5/5

Being a ski patroller can be very rewarding. I love the thrill of being able to attend back-to-back calls, and being able to help people when they get injured. A part of that excitement comes from being a first responder, where you never know what exactly to expect and every situation is different from the next. You also get to ski, which is a bonus.

Ryan West is a Computer Programmer

Ryans rating: A terrific 5/5

Being interested in computers is always something that I've been interested in. From a very young age, I'd always been tinkering with computers in some capacity. Working with computers for me is a like a mix of art and engineering. Finding out how machines work, and how to make them solve real problems is something that I find great joy in.

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Enthusiast Persona

Ryan is an Enthusiast

Enthusiasts are inquisitive and curious about things and like to solve problems in a methodical and rational way. They have the ability to express their ideas and concepts to others in an easy to understand and logical manner. They are also refreshingly open-minded and love to be inspired and motivated by different ideas and theories.

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