Staci Gallahue

Staci Gallahue was a Customer Service Representative

Staci s rating: A terrific 5/5

Being a customer service representative is a great opportunity to help people and to learn to be effective in a short period of time. Superior oral communication skills are a must if you want to do the job well. It also helps to work in an industry that correlates with your interests. I worked in finance, which was right up my alley. The only drawbacks to this job were low pay, and sitting at a desk all day.

Staci Gallahue was a Bill and Account Collector

Staci s rating: A pleasant 4/5

Being a bill collector can bring about an interesting array of experiences throughout any given day. Every phone call is different. Thinking on one's feet is a good asset. Talking to people all over the country all day was very interesting and being able to learn how to control a conversation was rewarding. Good oral communication skills are a must. The downside is the necessity of sitting at a desk all day. If you do not want to work in an office environment this is not the job for you. My experience was with consumer collections on everything from credit cards to medical bills.

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