Stuart Grigg

Stuart Grigg is an Urban Planner

Stuarts rating: A pleasant 4/5

Being a planner can lead to a broad range of work opportunnities but also requires working within a detail and process focused environmnet. Working as a planner can become very specialised and repetitive depending on your work environment, with public sector roles offerring more stability and structure and private sector roles providing more diversity of projects and tasks. Good clear writing and analytical skills are highly important. A customer / client focus is beneficial but time management and attention to detail is more important as most tasks require analysis and recommendations on development and planning proposals to be sound and consistent and delivered within agreed timeframes.

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Composer Persona

Stuart is a Composer

Composers love expressing their creativity and prefer working in organized environments that are detail-oriented. They have distinct preferences that both err on the side of chaos and security. Their artistic side craves freedom and expression. At the same time, they like to reign in their creative tendencies with organization and systems that keep their originality within certain boundaries.

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