Tara Thomas-Grauer

Tara Thomas-Grauer was a Special Education Teacher

Taras rating: A pleasant 4/5

I liked the challenge of meeting the needs of the diverse learners. It was also interesting to learn about the different disorders and what affect they had on students' learning needs and behaviors. It seemed, however, that I was doing twice the work for the same pay as a regular teacher (who doesn't get paid enough in the first place.) I moved on to teaching mainstream, but, my experience as a special education teacher still helps me meet the needs of the students with mild disabilities that are in the regular classroom.

Tara Thomas-Grauer was a Customer Service Representative

Taras rating: A pleasant 4/5

Mostly, this job was really great because I liked helping people. Sometimes I had to deal with irate customers who needed to be calmed down before they could be helped.

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