Victor Corniel Brito

Victor Corniel Brito was a Professor

Victors rating: A pleasant 4/5

Nunca seras un buen numero uno si no sabes formar segundos.

Victor Corniel Brito was a Drafter

Victors rating: A terrific 5/5

Desde pequeño me encanto dibujar artisticamente inicialmente al empezar me carrera de Ingeniería fue la vía que encomtre para continuar mi pasión. Es la sensación mas cercana a asemejarte a Dios.

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Captain Persona

Victor is a Captain

Captains enjoy deal-making and directing. They are good at talking to people and use this skill to persuade others. They are naturally competitive people and love a challenge. They are active in their approach to solving problems, whether it’s physical or using their persuasive tendencies to gain greater status. Captains are directors and take pride in getting things done.

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