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About Sokanu

I. Sokanu's Mission

Sokanu’s mission is simple—to help every person find the career they are meant to be in.

II. What Sokanu Does

Sokanu analyzes your personality and helps you discover your perfect career.

III. About the product

Each feature of Sokanu provides a solution to the challenges laid-out by our mission. Here is an in-depth look at the benefits of our core features:

III. a. Discover What Makes You Unique

Discovering a career that satisfies your being comes down to your unique character, interests and abilities. With thought-provoking questions, Sokanu's Discover feature learns what makes you unique and shows you career matches tailored specifically for you.

III. b. Analyze Your Results

On your Sokanu profile you can see the science behind your personal career recommendations broken down into easy-to-understand character traits. Are you hands-on or a dreamer? Methodical or free-wheeling? A free spirit or buttoned-down? You can compare your traits to any career in our system to see how you match.

III. c. Share Your Story

Everyone has a story. Your Sokanu profile is a place to revisit and give expression to those experiences and periods of your life that have made you who you are.