Work at Sokanu

Sokanu is the place to find your passion in life. Our mission is to connect every single person with the career they are meant to be in. We believe that the way the world approaches career discovery needs to be fundamentally changed. At Sokanu - we care about two things; building a great company, and helping every single user find what they are meant to do.

We're looking for people to help us achieve our vision. We are committed to building a cutting-edge technology company where people love to work and can be as productive as possible. After all, if we are helping people find what they love to do - shouldn’t we be intensely passionate about the work we are doing? We have a culture of optimizing for learning and growth as we strive to continually improve as individuals and as a team.

We are located in downtown Vancouver, British Columbia - and are working with some of the smartest people in the field of career discovery. We work very, very hard each day to achieve our mission - and will stop at nothing to achieve it. If you are interested in fundamentally changing the way humans approach career development; using neuroscience, psychology, technology and design - please contact us! We are currently hiring engineers and product designers.


We are focused on building a culture with strong engineering values and goals because we believe that it is the key to building a great company and product. We use continuous deployment that gets checked in goes live to production within minutes, no matter what time it is. As a web developer at Sokanu, you will be responsible for building, optimizing and maintaining the platform, as well as laying the foundation for a scalable, flexible, data-driven platform.

What We Look For:

Send examples of your work, code samples or resume (or your Github profile) to

Product Design

At Sokanu, we believe that design drives emotion. And we can only succeed if we manage to deliver an environment that is conducive to learning, discovering and growing. People need to emotionally resonate with the product - wanting to share it with their friends and spend a lot of time exploring the content we offer. We are a design-focused company, from the psychology of UX work all the way to pixel perfect code. You will help shape and drive the product every single day.

What We Look For:

You should be comfortable with autonomy and ownership of large areas of the product but open to and interested in gathering feedback. An ideal candidate will have the potential to grow into a strong leadership role over time.

Send examples of your work, code samples or resume (or your Dribbble, Github, Forrst, etc... profile) to