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Career Satisfaction Salary Growth Degree
Photo of Wedding Planner

Wedding Planner

3.5/5 $51k - Certificate/Associates
Photo of Weatherization Technician

Weatherization Technician

Building & Construction
3.0/5 $40k - High School
Photo of Water Transport Worker

Water Transport Worker

Travel & Transportation Services
1.5/5 $41k - Certificate/Associates
Photo of Vehicle Cleaner

Vehicle Cleaner

Public & Social Services
2.9/5 $24k - High School
Photo of Urban Planner

Urban Planner

3.2/5 $71k - Master's
Photo of Upholsterer


Home & Garden
3.6/5 $34k - High School
Photo of Underwriter


Public & Social Services
2.5/5 $52k - Bachelor's
Photo of Truck Driver

Truck Driver

Travel & Transportation Services
2.8/5 $43k - High School
Photo of Travel Agent

Travel Agent

Public & Social Services
3.1/5 $31k - Certificate/Associates
Photo of Transportation Planner

Transportation Planner

Travel & Transportation Services
2.6/5 $81k - Bachelor's
Photo of Translator


Journalism & Writing
3.2/5 $33k - Bachelor's
Photo of Transit Police Officer 2.0/5 $62k - Certificate/Associates
Photo of Traffic Technician

Traffic Technician

Travel & Transportation Services
2.7/5 $48k - Bachelor's
Photo of Tour Guide

Tour Guide

Public & Social Services
3.7/5 $27k - Certificate/Associates
Photo of Teller


2.6/5 $24k - High School
Photo of Taxi Driver

Taxi Driver

Travel & Transportation Services
2.5/5 $26k - High School
Photo of Tailor


Beauty & Style
3.8/5 $29k - High School
Photo of Switchboard Operator

Switchboard Operator

Public & Social Services
2.7/5 $29k - High School
Photo of Substance Abuse Social Worker

Substance Abuse Social Worker

Counseling Services
2.9/5 $47k - Master's
Photo of Stock Clerk

Stock Clerk

Public & Social Services
2.2/5 $21k - -
Photo of Social Worker

Social Worker

Public & Social Services
3.0/5 $34k - Bachelor's
Photo of Ski Patroller

Ski Patroller

Medical Care
3.7/5 $21k - -
Photo of Sign Language Interpreter

Sign Language Interpreter

Public & Social Services
3.5/5 $48k - Bachelor's
Photo of Shoemaker


Public & Social Services
4.2/5 $26k - High School
Photo of Shipping/Receiving Clerk

Shipping/Receiving Clerk

Travel & Transportation Services
2.5/5 $27k - -
Photo of Shipmate


Travel & Transportation Services
3.0/5 $83k - Certificate/Associates
Photo of Ship Loader

Ship Loader

Travel & Transportation Services
1.6/5 $41k - High School
Photo of Ship Engineer

Ship Engineer

3.1/5 $79k - Certificate/Associates
Photo of Ship Captain

Ship Captain

Travel & Transportation Services
3.6/5 $83k - Certificate/Associates
Photo of Security Guard 2.7/5 $27k - High School

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