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Career Satisfaction Salary Growth Degree
Photo of Sports Writer

Sports Writer

Journalism & Writing
4.1/5 $26k 3.4% High School
Photo of Sports Scout

Sports Scout

Sports & Fitness
3.6/5 $40k - Bachelor's
Photo of Sports Referee

Sports Referee

Sports & Fitness
3.1/5 $34k 4.8% High School
Photo of Sports Medicine Physician 4.4/5 $198k 14.9% PhD
Photo of Sports Broadcaster

Sports Broadcaster

Film & Television
4.3/5 $42k - Certificate/Associates
Photo of Ski Patroller

Ski Patroller

Medical Care
4.5/5 $21k - -
Photo of Physical Education Teacher

Physical Education Teacher

Education & Childcare
3.8/5 $66k 10.1% Master's
Photo of Personal Trainer

Personal Trainer

Public & Social Services
3.8/5 $38k - Certificate/Associates
Photo of Golf Pro

Golf Pro

Sports & Fitness
4.1/5 $72k - None
Photo of Fitness and Wellness Coordinator 3.8/5 $83k 4.0% -
Photo of Fitness Trainer

Fitness Trainer

Sports & Fitness
3.9/5 $41k 8.4% Certificate/Associates
Photo of Exercise Physiologist

Exercise Physiologist

Medical Care
3.8/5 $50k 10.6% Master's
Photo of Equestrian


4.4/5 $31k - High School
Photo of Coach


Public & Social Services
3.9/5 $38k - Bachelor's
Photo of Athletic Trainer

Athletic Trainer

Sports & Fitness
3.7/5 $47k 21.1% Master's
Photo of Athlete


Sports & Fitness
4.2/5 $80k 5.6% None

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