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Career Satisfaction Salary Growth Degree
Photo of Wind Turbine Services Technician 4.0/5 $53k 108.0% Certificate/Associates
Photo of Occupational Therapist Assistant 3.0/5 $58k 42.7% -
Photo of Physical Therapist Assistant 3.0/5 $55k 40.6% -
Photo of Home Health Aide

Home Health Aide

Medical Care
3.1/5 $23k 38.1% High School
Photo of Commercial Diver

Commercial Diver

Building & Construction
3.9/5 $55k 36.9% Certificate/Associates
Photo of Nurse Practitioner

Nurse Practitioner

Medical Care
3.7/5 $101k 35.2% Master's
Photo of Physical Therapist

Physical Therapist

Medical Care
2.9/5 $86k 34.0% Master's
Photo of Biostatistician


Physical Sciences
4.0/5 $84k 33.8% Master's
Photo of Statistician


3.5/5 $84k 33.8% Master's
Photo of Anesthesiologist Assistant 3.0/5 $99k 30.4% -
Photo of Physician Assistant

Physician Assistant

Medical Care
4.0/5 $99k 30.4% Master's
Photo of Operations Research Analyst 3.3/5 $84k 30.2% -
Photo of Financial Advisor 3.1/5 $118k 29.6% Bachelor's
Photo of Cartographer


Physical Sciences
3.8/5 $65k 29.3% Certificate/Associates
Photo of Sign Language Interpreter

Sign Language Interpreter

Public & Social Services
4.1/5 $48k 28.7% Bachelor's
Photo of Audiologist


Medical Care
3.4/5 $77k 28.6% PhD
Photo of Hearing Aid Specialist

Hearing Aid Specialist

Medical Care
4.0/5 $53k 27.2% Certificate/Associates
Photo of Optometrist


Medical Care
3.3/5 $116k 27.0% PhD
Photo of Web Developer

Web Developer

3.7/5 $71k 26.6% Certificate/Associates
Photo of Forensic Science Technician 4.1/5 $60k 26.6% Certificate/Associates
Photo of Occupational Therapist

Occupational Therapist

Medical Care
3.4/5 $82k 26.5% Master's
Photo of Diagnostic Medical Sonographer 3.1/5 $71k 26.4% Bachelor's
Photo of Personal Care Aide

Personal Care Aide

Medical Care
3.1/5 $22k 25.9% High School
Photo of Phlebotomist


Medical Care
3.7/5 $33k 24.9% Certificate/Associates
Photo of Paramedic


Medical Care
3.6/5 $35k 24.2% Certificate/Associates
Photo of Optician


Medical Care
3.4/5 $37k 23.7% Certificate/Associates
Photo of Medical Assistant

Medical Assistant

Medical Care
3.4/5 $32k 23.5% Certificate/Associates
Photo of Biomedical Engineer

Biomedical Engineer

3.9/5 $91k 23.1% Master's
Photo of Surgical Assistant

Surgical Assistant

Medical Care
4.5/5 $46k 23.1% -
Photo of Neurodiagnostic Technologist 3.5/5 $46k 23.1% Certificate/Associates

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