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What is a Cashier?

Also known as: Clerk

A cashier is someone whose main focus is to facilitate money transactions for customers by using a cash register. They ring up sales by accepting cash, cheques, credit or debit. Cashiers deal with a great deal of money on a daily basis, therefore they need to be honest employees that are reliable and trustworthy. They are also constantly in contact with the public, so must have excellent customer skills, as well as be helpful and knowledgable about the product(s) they sell.

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What does a Cashier do?

A cashier's duties are dependent on their place of employment, but the following are some typical responsibilities:

  • greet each customer in a positive manner
  • enter purchases into cash register to calculate total purchase price
  • assist customers in locating specific items
  • request information or assistance using a paging system
  • weigh items sold by weight in order to determine prices
  • identify price of merchandise by using electronic scanners
  • sell lottery tickets and other items to customers
  • redeem food stamps and coupons
  • accept payment by either cash, cheque, credit, debit or voucher
  • give correct change due to the customer
  • issue a receipt
  • bag, box, wrap, or gift wrap merchandise for the customer
  • resolve customer complaints
  • rectify any price discrepancies
  • handle refunds, exchanges, credits or rain checks
  • count money in cash drawers at the beginning of the shift
  • count money at the end of the shift and note any discrepancies
  • calculate total payments received during the shift, and reconcile with total sales
  • keep register area neat and stocked with necessary supplies
  • assist in other areas of store; clean-up, shelf-stocking, keeping merchandise displayed in an orderly manner

What is the workplace of a Cashier like?

A cashier's work schedule can be full or part-time, and may include evening, weekend and holiday work. They typically work indoors, and can work in a variety of places, such as:

  • supermarkets
  • grocery stores
  • retail/department stores
  • movie theatres
  • hotels
  • fast food places
  • restaurants
  • liquor stores
  • gas stations
  • casinos
  • recreational facilities

With experience and the right attitude, a cashier can move onto other better paying retail jobs.


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