Doctor Employability Rating

B+ Sokanu rates Doctors with a B+ employability rating, meaning this career should provide good employment opportunities for the foreseeable future.

Demand for Doctors

The demand for doctors is robust considering population growth, particularly among the elderly; widespread availability of both public and private medical insurance; and increased needs for medical research, public health, rehabilitation, and industrial medicine. Also, new technologies will allow doctors to perform more procedures to treat ailments previously deemed incurable. Significant employment opportunities are expected to be available for family practitioners, internists, geriatricians, preventative care specialists, and pediatricians. Employment prospects should also be good for doctors that specialize in dealing with health issues that largely affect aging baby boomers. For example, there will be a demand for doctors specializing in cardiology or radiology since the risks for heart disease and cancer increase as people age. As delivery of health care shifts from hospitals to clinics and outpatient centres, it is possible that a greater number of doctors will become salaried employees. Competition among newly trained doctors will be very high in large cities. Doctors willing to enter practice in inner cities and rural areas are likely to encounter little difficulty.

Supply of Doctors

The Doctor industry is not particularly concentrated in any state.

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