Farmer Job Outlook

There are currently an estimated 3,770 Farmers in the United States. The Farmer job market is expected to decline by -19.3% between 2012 and 2022. The majority of job opportunities exist in California, Iowa, and Texas, and as a percentage of the population Idaho and Iowa have the most Farmers representing 0.177 in 1000 and 0.175 in 1000 of the total job market respectively.

There are several types of Farmer. Consider learning more about: Dairy Farmer Jobs, Poultry Farmer Jobs, Farm Manager Jobs, Organic Farmer Jobs, Alligator Farmer Jobs, Vermiculturist Jobs, Rancher Jobs, Beekeeper Jobs, Grain & Forage Crop Farmer Jobs.

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Farmer Jobs

Title Company Location Info
SALES & MERCHANDISING ASSISTANT Grimmway Farms Fairfax, VA Job Details
Insurance Agent (Sales,Account Manager,Business) (2015) Farmer's Insurance POOLESVILLE, MD Job Details
Insurance Sales Agent Farmers Insurance Montgomery County, MD Job Details
Insurance Agent - Sales - Business Owner Farmers Insurance Silver Spring, MD Job Details
Sales - Farmers Insurance Agency Ownership Farmers Silver Spring, MD Job Details

Demand for Farmers

The Farmer industry is concentrated in California, Iowa and Texas.

Farmer Jobs by State

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