Fundraising managers need a bachelor’s degree in either public relations, business administration, marketing, or management. These areas provide a foundation for understanding how to organize and run a group of people who deal with the public. However, these degrees will only provide a foundation. Seeking a post-graduate certification in fundraising management will give a candidate that edge they need to be successful, and will help an individual learn the ins and outs of effective fundraising.

What are Fundraising Managers like?


Based on our pool of users, fundraising managers tend to be predominately artistic people. Take our career test to see what career interest category best describes you.

Fundraising Managers by Strongest Interest Archetype

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Are Fundraising Managers happy?


Fundraising managers rank among the least happy careers. Overall they rank in the 21st percentile of careers for satisfaction scores.

Fundraising Manager Career Satisfaction by Dimension

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Education History of Fundraising Managers

The most common degree held by fundraising managers is Political Science. 9% of fundraising managers had a degree in political science before becoming fundraising managers. That is over 3 times the average across all careers. English Literature graduates are the second most common among fundraising managers, representing 8% of fundraising managers in the Sokanu user base, which is 1.7 times the average.

Fundraising Manager Education History

This table shows which degrees people earn before becoming a Fundraising Manager, compared to how often those degrees are obtained by people who earn at least one post secondary degree.

Degree % of fundraising managers % of population Multiple
Political Science 8.6% 2.9% 3.0×
English Literature 8.2% 4.9% 1.7×
Communications 5.2% 3.3% 1.6×
Business Management And Administration 4.8% 6.5% 0.7×
Psychology 3.9% 6.8% 0.6×
International Relations 3.4% 1.5% 2.3×
History 3.3% 2.2% 1.5×
Philosophy And Religious Studies 2.9% 1.6% 1.8×
Public Administration 2.9% 0.4% 6.5×
Sociology 2.9% 2.1% 1.4×
Drama 2.3% 1.1% 2.2×
Marketing And Marketing Research 2.3% 2.2% 1.1×
Anthropology And Archeology 2.3% 1.2% 1.9×
Intercultural And International Studies 2.2% 0.6% 3.4×
Art History 2.2% 0.7% 3.3×
Public Relations 2.1% 0.6% 3.7×
Foreign Language Studies 1.8% 1.3% 1.4×
Liberal Arts 1.8% 1.8% 1.0×
Fine Arts 1.7% 1.9% 0.9×
Business 1.7% 2.4% 0.7×
Community And Public Health 1.7% 0.8% 2.1×
Economics 1.7% 3.8% 0.4×
Journalism 1.6% 1.2% 1.4×
Music 1.2% 0.8% 1.5×
Environmental Science 1.2% 1.1% 1.1×
Biology 1.0% 3.5% 0.3×

Fundraising Manager Education Levels

77% of fundraising managers have a bachelor's degree. 12% of fundraising managers have a master's degree.

No education 0%
High school diploma 0%
Associate's degree 11%
Bachelor's degree 77%
Master's degree 12%
Doctorate degree 0%

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