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Hand Sewer Job Outlook

There are currently an estimated 12,000 Hand Sewers in the United States. The Hand Sewer job market is expected to shrink by -9.8% between 2014 and 2024.

Hand Sewer Employability Rating

F Sokanu rates Hand Sewers with a F employability rating, meaning this career should provide poor employment opportunities for the foreseeable future. Over the next 10 years, it is expected the US will need 4,000 Hand Sewers. That number is based on the retirement of 4,000 existing Hand Sewers.

Demand for Hand Sewers

Declining demand and job opportunities are projected for hand sewers in all sectors, including clothing, upholstery, and other fabric goods. Virtually all openings in the field will be created from the need to replace retirees. In addition, healthy economies will continue to lead people to purchase new items rather than have those that they already own altered or repaired. The prevalence of mass-produced, relatively inexpensive, and imported clothing and furniture will exert further negative pressure on this occupation by lessening the need for tailoring, pattern-making, and reupholstering. Fierce competition in the apparel market will keep domestic firms under intense pressure to cut costs via automation and produce more with fewer workers. Hand sewers that focus on less mainstream and more artistic applications should have somewhat better job prospects, either with upscale boutiques or niche-market manufacturers. Freelancers who establish partnerships with local companies may find contract opportunities with dry cleaners, tailors, theatre groups, and other businesses. Demand for upholsterers will be limited to those knowledgeable in the restoration of valuable high-end furniture.

Supply of Hand Sewers

The Hand Sewer industry is not particularly concentrated in any state.

Hand Sewer Job Market by State

State name Employed Hand Sewers
Texas 1,430
California 1,340
New York 1,110
Massachusetts 330
North Carolina 180
New Jersey 160
Pennsylvania 130
Florida 110
Minnesota 100
Indiana 90
Alabama 90
Puerto Rico 80
Tennessee 70
Nebraska 70
Louisiana 70
Michigan 60
Oklahoma 50
New Mexico 50
Montana 50
Washington 40
Virginia 40
Ohio 30

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