What is a High School Teacher?

A High School Teacher is a specialized type of Teacher. Also known as: Middle School Teacher, Secondary School Teacher.

A high school teacher is someone who prepares and teaches academic, technical, vocational or specialized subjects at public and private secondary schools, typically from grades 9-12. The subject taught could be science, language, math, history, art, english, drama, or music. In a typical high school, where there are rotations of five to six classes everyday, a teacher could potentially have more than one hundred different students to teach each and every day.

A high school teacher can have a very fulfilling career by virtue of the responsibility they have to influence the future of young students. They play a key role in a student's outlook and career prospects. As ethnic, racial, and religious diversity continue to increase, teachers need to be able to bridge any cross-cultural gaps. This can be done by having an understanding of the students' backgrounds, and by being able to teach in the most effective way possible.

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What does a High School Teacher do?

A high school teacher will use textbooks, visual aids, projects, and informative lesson plans to keep students involved and engaged. Through examinations and coursework, the teacher will evaluate a student's progress in a subject. Beyond the curriculum, high school teachers sometimes advise on career and college plans, and may play the role of counselor if there are any issues or problems the students want to talk about. They may also organize and chaperone field trips, lead extracurricular activities, supervise certain areas when needed, and at times make administrative and budget decisions.

There are times when students are difficult to deal with, and teachers must exhibit a great deal of patience. However, this is overshadowed by the many wonderful student accomplishments that they are able to observe, which earns great satisfaction.

What is the workplace of a High School Teacher like?

A high school teacher is typically employed by public and private secondary schools. Although standing in front of a classroom is a big part of a teacher's day, their responsibilities extend far past that into the lives of their students and the community. They may help a student after class, cheer on the school's football team, mark papers well into the night, or attend PTA meetings. They attend conferences, network with other teachers, and engage in continuing education to stay at the forefront of their profession.



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