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What is a Magnetic Resonance Imaging Technologist?

Also known as: MRI Specialist, MRI Technologist, Magnetic Resonance Imaging Specialist.

A magnetic resonance imaging technologist, also often referred to as an MRI technologist, is a person who operates a magnetic imaging machine and works in conjunction with a radiologist. It is a misconception that the people taking x-rays or performing CAT scans at the hospital are radiologists. Radiologists are medical doctors who are able to diagnose patients, while the MRI technologist specifically operates the medical imaging machine.

What does a Magnetic Resonance Imaging Technologist do?

An MRI technologist takes detailed pictures of the internal body by using magnetic resonance imaging. Radio waves are used to take these images (not radiation), and can be transferred into three-dimensional images to more accurately diagnose a condition. Magnetic resonance imaging can detect problems in the body relating to the chest, lungs, joints, brain and spinal cord. The procedure typically takes twenty to ninety minutes to complete, and is painless. Some patients experience a bit of claustrophobia, and the technologist will talk to the person throughout the entire process. If the claustrophobia is severe, the patient can be sedated.

After the MRI technologist has concluded the scan, a radiologist will review the report. The radiologist will then send the report to the patient's physician, who will speak with the patient about the results of the test.

What is the workplace of a Magnetic Resonance Imaging Technologist like?

Magnetic resonance imaging technologists can work in a variety of places, including hospitals, universities, private medical practices and diagnostic imaging centres. Most MRI technicians do not have their own offices, unless they are employed as a professor at a community college, instructing MRI technology classes.

How can I become a Magnetic Resonance Imaging Technologist?

Medical resonance imagining technologists must be able to operate MRI equipment efficiently and be able to treat patients professionally and with patience. Anyone interested in becoming an MRI technologist will need to receive specialized training, and can choose to earn either an associate's or bachelor's degree.

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