The education of natural sciences managers is not very different from that of the scientists that work below them. Many research professionals and scientists carry hard-earned PhDs in their field of specialty, but a bachelor’s degree in a scientific area is the minimum requirement.

Biology degrees as well as degrees in physics, geology, agriculture, mathematics, chemistry, and other life science fields are very common. For natural sciences managers that want to work in a more technical field, they may have a master’s degree or PhD in a natural or life science with an additional focus in business or business management.

It is expected that professionals that work in the areas of scientific research and product development continue their education regularly even after achieving their highest academic degrees possible. This can be done through workshops and other learning opportunities to keep their knowledge fresh and keep up with the scientific times. New and exciting discoveries are made every day. Keeping up with education ensures that the natural sciences managers know the latest technology and facts they can use to better their research and products.

An ideal candidate for this position would be a strong leader with excellent communication skills, lots of energy, a strong ability to listen and comprehend, and an interest in the sciences. He or she would be able to take charge in tough situations and work in a timely manner to meet deadlines.

Education History of Natural Sciences Managers

The most common degree held by natural sciences managers is Biology. 11% of natural sciences managers had a degree in biology before becoming natural sciences managers. That is over 3 times the average across all careers.

Natural Sciences Manager Education History

This table shows which degrees people earn before becoming a Natural Sciences Manager, compared to how often those degrees are obtained by people who earn at least one post secondary degree.

Degree % of natural sciences managers % of population Multiple
Biology 11.1% 3.5% 3.1×

Natural Sciences Manager Education Levels

50% of natural sciences managers have a bachelor's degree. 33% of natural sciences managers have a doctorate degree.

No education 0%
High school diploma 0%
Associate's degree 0%
Bachelor's degree 50%
Master's degree 17%
Doctorate degree 33%

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