Pathologist Job Outlook

There are currently an estimated 372,400 Pathologists in the United States. The Pathologist job market is expected to grow by 11.4% between 2016 and 2026.

Pathologist Employability Rating

A- Sokanu rates Pathologists with an A- employability rating, meaning this career should provide great employment opportunities for the foreseeable future. Over the next 10 years, it is expected the US will need 43,400 Pathologists. That number is based on 42,300 additional Pathologists, and the retirement of 1,100 existing Pathologists.

Demand for Pathologists

The job outlook and demand for pathologists is very positive. The wide scope of the field of pathology encompasses several sub-specialties and therefore consistently generates numerous employment opportunities. Any part of the human body can develop disease. The work of pathologists – studying, identifying, and understanding the causes and effects of disorders of cells, tissues, blood, and organs – is a foundation of medical diagnosis and treatment. Simply stated, demand for pathologists is as certain as the occurrence of disease. Jobs in the field expand further as the population ages and becomes more susceptible to illness. Just as pathologists are called upon to investigate disease, they are also summoned to determine the cause of death. Currently, in the United States, the need for forensic pathologists is especially pronounced. According to the Wall Street Journal, the profound shortage of these specialists is delaying autopsies throughout the country. The National Association of Medical Examiners (NAME) recommends that forensic pathologists perform a maximum of 250 to 350 autopsies annually, but this number is being exceeded as demand in the field far outweighs the supply of qualified practitioners. Approximately half of the pathologists in the U.S. and Canada enter group practice. The remainder work in solo practice; in university medical schools and research facilities; in hospitals and independent diagnostic laboratories; and as coroners or medical examiners. Competition for university professorships in pathology is typically intense.

Supply of Pathologists

The Pathologist industry is not particularly concentrated in any state.

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