Pharmacist Job Outlook

There are currently an estimated 312,500 Pharmacists in the United States. The Pharmacist job market is expected to grow by 5.6% between 2016 and 2026.

Pharmacist Employability Rating

C Sokanu rates Pharmacists with a C employability rating, meaning this career should provide moderate employment opportunities for the foreseeable future. Over the next 10 years, it is expected the US will need 19,300 Pharmacists. That number is based on 17,400 additional Pharmacists, and the retirement of 1,900 existing Pharmacists.

Demand for Pharmacists

According to a November 2015 analysis by the Pharmacy Workforce Center (PWC), the nationwide supply of pharmacists has exceeded the number of available jobs. While a single month is not indicative of a trend, it is noteworthy that the CEO of The Pharmacists Registry, a firm that fills temporary pharmacist placements, stated, ‘I have definitely seen the trend toward the oversupply of pharmacists… too many pharmacy schools are graduating too many new pharmacists.’ The majority of job losses will occur in the traditional retail sector, as online and mail order sales increase. However, it is expected that healthcare settings such as hospitals, clinics, doctors’ offices, and assisted living facilities will add more jobs than the ones lost in retail. New kinds of job opportunities for pharmacists are also entering the marketplace. These include positions with managed care organizations, in which pharmacists analyze trends in medication use and in ‘pharmacoeconomics’ – the comparison and cost and benefit analysis of different drugs and drug therapies. Additional demand may also stem from jobs in disease management, sales and marketing, and pharmacy informatics – the use of information technology to improve patient care.

Supply of Pharmacists

The Pharmacist industry is not particularly concentrated in any state.

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