Sociologist Salary

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What is the average salary for a Sociologist?

The average salary of a Sociologist is $37.6. Salaries start from $19.1 and go up to $61.3. Please note that the average salary for a Sociologist may vary depending on several factors, like level of education, amount of experience, industry, company size and location. Our source, the Bureau of Labor Statistics, produces some of the United States most sensitive and important economic information, which is based on their strongest commitment to accuracy, quality and integrity.

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$0 $61.3
Starting ($19.13)
Junior ($25.79)
Experienced ($34.82)
Senior ($45.47)
Highest ($61.34)

The top 10% of Sociologists in United States earn:


The top 25% of Sociologists in United States earn:


The middle 50% of Sociologists in United States earn:


The bottom 25% of Sociologists in United States earn:


The bottom 10% of Sociologists in United States earn:


Historical salary

Sociologist salary by state

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State Salary Rank
Sociologist Salary in District of Columbia 50.6 1
Sociologist Salary in California 41.7 2
Sociologist Salary in Maryland 40.4 3
Sociologist Salary in Massachusetts 39.9 4
Sociologist Salary in Michigan 39.6 5
Sociologist Salary in North Carolina 37.7 6
Sociologist Salary in United States 37.6 7
Sociologist Salary in Pennsylvania 37.5 8
Sociologist Salary in New York 37.1 9
Sociologist Salary in Florida 31.9 10
Sociologist Salary in Washington 30.1 11
Sociologist Salary in Wisconsin 29.5 12
Sociologist Salary in Ohio 27.7 13
Sociologist Salary in Arizona 26.4 14
Sociologist Salary in Texas 17.7 15