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Sports Scout Employability Rating

C Sokanu rates Sports Scouts with a C employability rating, meaning this career should provide moderate employment opportunities for the foreseeable future.

Demand for Sports Scouts

Competition for the most desirable and rarely available scouting positions, at the college and professional levels, is projected to be very strong. Jobs with professional teams will continue to be the most competitive, because they pay the highest salaries and the number of available positions is limited. Rising participation in college and high school sports, particularly at smaller colleges and in women’s sports, could increase demand for scouts. Because successful teams help colleges enhance their reputation, attract future students, and raise donations from alumni, scouts will be called upon to recruit the best possible high school athletes. In some cases, they will be hired directly by high school athletes who wish to increase their chances of winning college scholarships and avoiding rising tuition fees. When the budgets of educational institutions are reduced, it is often funding for athletic programs that is cut first, potentially negatively impacting job prospects for this occupation. However, due to a projected population increase and overall popularity of team sports, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts significant job growth for sports scouts.

Supply of Sports Scouts

The Sports Scout industry is concentrated in California, Texas, and Michigan.

Sports Scout Job Market by State

State name Employed Sports Scouts
California 31,020
Texas 12,380
Michigan 11,480
Washington 11,170
Ohio 9,730
New York 9,720
Illinois 9,230
Virginia 7,970
Colorado 7,730
Pennsylvania 7,350
Massachusetts 7,290
Florida 7,030
Indiana 6,870
North Carolina 5,830
New Jersey 5,670
Connecticut 5,280
Georgia 5,050
Wisconsin 5,040
Iowa 4,810
Minnesota 4,050
Oregon 3,510
Tennessee 3,510
Maryland 2,990
Arizona 2,970
Missouri 2,970
South Carolina 2,880
Kentucky 2,240
Utah 2,160
Oklahoma 2,040
Nevada 1,950
Idaho 1,870
Maine 1,860
Louisiana 1,750
Montana 1,590
Arkansas 1,490
Nebraska 1,300
Mississippi 1,290
Vermont 1,290
Rhode Island 1,260
New Hampshire 1,240
Hawaii 990
South Dakota 900
North Dakota 760
Delaware 680
West Virginia 660
Puerto Rico 650
Wyoming 630
District of Columbia 440
Alaska 420
Virgin Islands 60

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