The typical sports writer must obtain the minimum of a bachelor's degree, usually in journalism. They often gain experience writing for their college newspaper or participating in internships. Many writers are former players who were not recruited for a collegiate sporting career, but developed an aptitude for writing.

In addition to a degree and practical experience, writers must be experts on football, basketball, hockey and other games. They must know not only the rules of the game, but must also understand its history and have an intense knowledge of all key players, coaches and teams. Moreover, they must have a passion for athletics and a desire to provide fans with accurate and entertaining news.

Other skills important to the field of athletic journalism include strong interpersonal and networking abilities, an aptitude for spotting news as it occurs and the ability to write creatively while captivating an audience. Writers must also possess a strong sense of self-confidence and determination in order to endure the long hours and irregular work environment inherent in this field.

What are Sports Writers like?


Based on our pool of users, sports writers tend to be predominately artistic people. Take our career test to see what career interest category best describes you.

Sports Writers by Strongest Interest Archetype

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Are Sports Writers happy?


Sports writers rank highly among careers. Overall they rank in the 78th percentile of careers for satisfaction scores.

Sports Writer Career Satisfaction by Dimension

Percentile among all careers

Education History of Sports Writers

The most common degree held by sports writers is Journalism. 15% of sports writers had a degree in journalism before becoming sports writers. That is over 13 times the average across all careers. Communications graduates are the second most common among sports writers, representing 8% of sports writers in the Sokanu user base, which is 2.5 times the average.

Sports Writer Education History

This table shows which degrees people earn before becoming a Sports Writer, compared to how often those degrees are obtained by people who earn at least one post secondary degree.

Degree % of sports writers % of population Multiple
Journalism 15.2% 1.2% 13.1×
Communications 8.3% 3.3% 2.5×
English Literature 8.3% 4.9% 1.7×
Business 2.8% 2.4% 1.2×
Business Management And Administration 2.1% 6.5% 0.3×
Liberal Arts 2.1% 1.9% 1.1×
Psychology 2.1% 6.8% 0.3×

Sports Writer Education Levels

87% of sports writers have a high school diploma. 11% of sports writers have an associate's degree.

No education 2%
High school diploma 87%
Associate's degree 11%
Bachelor's degree 0%
Master's degree 0%
Doctorate degree 0%

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