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Applied Mathematics Requirements

Applied mathematics is a branch of mathematics that deals with mathematical methods that find use in science, engineering, business, computer science, and industry. Thus, applied mathematics is a combination of mathematical science and specialized knowledge.

Academic institutions are not consistent in the way they group and label courses, programs, and degrees in applied mathematics. At some schools, there is a single mathematics department, whereas others have separate departments for Applied Mathematics and (Pure) Mathematics.

Schools with separate applied mathematics departments range from Brown University, which has a large Division of Applied Mathematics that offers degrees through the doctorate, to Santa Clara University, which offers only the M.S. in applied mathematics.[5] Research universities dividing their mathematics department into pure and applied sections include MIT. Brigham Young University also has an Applied and Computational Emphasis (ACME), a program that allows student to graduate with a Mathematics degree, with an emphasis in Applied Maths. Students in this program also learn another skill (Computer Science, Engineering, Physics, Pure Math, etc.) to supplement their applied maths skills.

Applied Mathematics Careers

The career trajectory of people with an Applied Mathematics degree appears to be focused around a few careers. The most common career that users with Applied Mathematics degrees have experience in is Teacher, followed by Actuary, Financial Quantitative Analyst, Mathematician, High School Teacher, Data Scientist, Software Engineer, Computer Programmer, Biostatistician, and Data Analyst.

Career % of graduates % of population Multiple
Teacher 4.6% 3.0% 1.5×
Actuary 4.3% 0.1% 80.8×
Financial Quantitative Analyst 2.7% 0.0% 194.8×
Mathematician 2.5% 0.1% 39.2×
High School Teacher 2.4% 0.2% 14.6×
Data Scientist 2.4% 0.1% 26.1×
Software Engineer 2.2% 0.7% 3.0×
Computer Programmer 2.1% 0.7% 2.8×
Biostatistician 1.9% 0.0% 309.3×
Data Analyst 1.7% 0.5% 3.8×

Applied Mathematics Salary

Applied Mathematics graduates earn on average $45k, putting them in the 70th percentile of earners with a degree.

Percentile Earnings after graduation ($1000s USD)
25th (bottom earners) $34k
Median (average earners) $45k
75th (top earners) $63k

Applied Mathematics Employment

Applied Mathematics graduates are not very underemployed compared to other graduates. We have collected data on three types of underemployment. Part-time refers to work that is less than 30 hours per week. Non-college refers to work that does not require a college degree. Low-paying includes a list of low-wage service jobs such as janitorial work, serving, or dishwashing.

Employment Type Employment potential
Low-paying 91%
Part-Time 75%
Jobs that don't require college 75%

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