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Chemical Engineering Requirements

Chemical engineering is a multi-disciplinary branch of engineering that combines natural and experimental sciences (such as chemistry and physics), along with life sciences (such as biology, microbiology and biochemistry) plus mathematics and economics to design, develop, produce, transform, transport, operate and manage the industrial processes that turn raw materials into valuable products. Degree programs can be found at the bachelor's, master's and doctoral degree levels.

Chemical Engineering Careers

The career trajectory of people with a Chemical Engineering degree appears to be focused around a few careers. The most common career that users with Chemical Engineering degrees have experience in is Chemical Engineer, followed by Engineer, Chemical Technician, Biochemical Engineer, Water Engineer, Urologist, Chemist, Consultant, Sales Engineer, and Project Manager.

Career % of graduates % of population Multiple
Chemical Engineer 15.6% 0.1% 110.6×
Engineer 3.3% 1.0% 3.4×
Chemical Technician 2.6% 0.1% 48.4×
Biochemical Engineer 2.2% 0.0% 173.1×
Water Engineer 2.1% 0.0% 156.1×
Urologist 2.0% 0.0% 1503.7×
Chemist 1.9% 0.2% 10.8×
Consultant 1.8% 0.8% 2.3×
Sales Engineer 1.7% 0.2% 10.6×
Project Manager 1.7% 1.2% 1.4×

Chemical Engineering Salary

Chemical Engineering graduates earn on average $65k, putting them in the 95th percentile of earners with a degree.

Percentile Earnings after graduation ($1000s USD)
25th (bottom earners) $50k
Median (average earners) $65k
75th (top earners) $75k

Chemical Engineering Employment

Chemical Engineering graduates are not very underemployed compared to other graduates. We have collected data on three types of underemployment. Part-time refers to work that is less than 30 hours per week. Non-college refers to work that does not require a college degree. Low-paying includes a list of low-wage service jobs such as janitorial work, serving, or dishwashing.

Employment Type Employment potential
Low-paying 96%
Part-Time 82%
Jobs that don't require college 80%

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