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The world is changing. Technology skills are becoming ever more important. But technology isn't just about programming. Whether you're the creative type, the analytical type, or the social type, there are tech jobs that cater to you. The Sokanu tech test will help you figure out which careers match your personality, interests, and capabilities.

Once you've determined what career is right for you, you can browse educational programs from our partners that can help you land your dream job.

  • Front-end Developer
    Front-end Developer
  • Graphic Designer
    Graphic Designer
  • UX Designer
    UX Designer
  • Data Analyst
    Data Analyst
  • SEO Specialist
    SEO Specialist
  • SEM Specialist
    SEM Specialist
  • Full-stack Developer
    Full-stack Developer
  • Back-end Developer
    Back-end Developer
  • App Developer
    App Developer
  • Database Architect
    Database Architect
  • Technical Product Manager
    Technical Product Manager
  • QA Analyst
    QA Analyst
  • QA Engineer
    QA Engineer
  • Technical Writer
    Technical Writer
  • Data Scientist
    Data Scientist
  • Javascript Developer
    Javascript Developer

Results in <10 minutes

By answering a few questions, we get an idea of who you are and match that against our catalog of career data to determine how you match against each of our careers.

Our data is based on input and psychometric data from real people in each of those careers. We are constantly updating and improving our data to give you the most reliable and valid matches.

The sokanu career test works great on an iPhone!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between the tech test and the general Sokanu career test?

The Sokanu career test measures your compatibility with a wide variety of careers, whereas the tech test focuses only on a certain subset of tech careers. As a result, the tech test is much shorter than the general test and also better at identifying the nuances between tech careers.

You can always take both tests and, in fact, doing so will improve your matches across both tests and sets of careers.

Is this test really free?

Yes! Just like our general career test, our tech test is 100% free.

Which tech careers do you match to?

Currently the tech test matches you against 16 modern tech careers. While we're well aware that there are many more tech careers in existence, we tried to narrow our list down to the subset of tech careers that you would find at a startup or traditional tech company. For instance, while game designer and sound engineer are definitely tech careers, they are not included in this test.

How does Sokanu determine if I'm a good match with a career?

We measure dozens of traits about you and then measure how closely your traits align with career data that we have collected. We use expert input along with the trait data of real people in each of our careers to develop our career data, ensuring that our matching algorithm is always up-to-date and relevant.

What if I find that I don't like any of my matches?

Maybe it means that tech isn't right for you! You can always take the full Sokanu career test, which matches you to over 800 careers. Like our tech test, the general career test is also completely free. Because we measure much more about you on the general test, it takes about 30 minutes to complete.

What can I do with my results?

It's up to you, really! You may just be curious about what kinds of tech careers you would be a good fit for, but you may want to actually get the skills necessary to pursue a tech career. As a helpful next step we have partnered with online and brick-and-mortar schools to offer educational programs related to nearly all of our tech careers.

Who is this test for?

Anyone and everyone! High school students, college students, or adults considering a career in tech are all welcome to take the test. Nothing in our assessment is age specific, although some of our partners' educational programs require that you be at least 18 years of age.