Your career, next to your relationships with friends and family, is the most important investment of your life. It's likely the greatest investment of your time. It's the biggest decider of the type of people you spend your time with every day, the environment that you spend your days in, and what you do with your mind and body. The cool part is that all of these details are what make a fun, purposeful life well-lived. The Sokanu Concept

Discover Your Ideal Career

Start with the internet's best career database

Behind the scenes Sokanu is working with the internet's largest, most detailed database of careers. We have all the important details: how much money does a career earn? what's the workplace like? You'll feel like you've already completed your first week on the job.

Discover what makes you unique

Discovering a career that satisfies your being comes down to your unique character, interests and abilities. With provoking questions, the Sokanu product learns who you are and shows you careers that are tailored specifically for you as you spend more time with the product.

Analyze your results and matches

The Sokanu product tells you what it knows about you as it learns. Are you hands-on or a dreamer? Methodical or free-wheeling? A free spirit or buttoned-down?

Using the data that makes up your character traits, you can analyze your compatibility with any career or see how similar you are to your friends and mentors.

Your experiences make you who you are

Everyone has a story. Your Sokanu profile is a place to revisit and give expression to those experiences and periods of your life which have made you who you are.