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Find your perfect career and you'll never work a day in your life.

The best career test anywhere

Sokanu's goal has always been to build the world's best career test. We started with the end in mind - how can we build a free test that helps every person find their perfect career? We developed our own science from scratch, built the first real-time career test ever and designed it to be absolutely a pleasure to use. Our mission is to help you learn more about yourself, and by doing so - help you find your perfect career.

Discover Careers

With the most in-depth career test anywhere, Sokanu’s questions uncover your unique traits and match you to compatible careers.

Explore Your Matches

Compare your compatibility with 500+ careers. Prioritize the best so you can decide which ones are worth considering.

Find Your Perfect Career

Take a deep-dive into the most detailed and rich career information available. Choose which career you think would be right for you.

Free career guidance for everyone

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sokanu for enterprise

Sokanu Enterprise provides organizations with cloud-based psychometric tools such as pre-employment assessments to help them measure and optimize their human capital.

sokanu for education

Sokanu partners with schools to help students uncover their strengths, explore careers and work with counselors to determine ideal career paths.

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