Discover Your Ideal Career

Sokanu matches people to careers utilizing a deep psychometric engine, based entirely in the cloud. Explore who you are, what you love, and the career that’s meant for you.

Our Philosophy

Find a job you love, and you will never work a day in your life.

Choosing a career is one of the most defining decisions in life. Traditionally people have made career decisions based on incomplete information and the biases of others. Sokanu believes careers decisions should be optimized based on a person’s intrinsic character. Selecting a career on this basis will lead to greater individual satisfaction and success, as well as more meaningful contributions to society.

Our Mission & Science

Sokanu's mission is to help students discover ideal careers. Sokanu is dedicated to two objectives: measuring people intrinsically and matching them to careers.

Governments, universities, and corporations employ Sokanu's proprietary science. Our assessment was developed by Rhys Lewis, Ph.D., Sokanu’s in-house I/O Psychologist. Interest items are based on the open source and rigorously validated Interest Item Pool. All our scales have excellent reliability, which we monitor and publish in our reliability report.

Our Product


The Sokanu assessment is the starting point for charting a student’s course. Our 30 minute, engaging process promotes self understanding. Our real-time assessment measures 186 user traits across 7 key areas of character: basic interests, Holland Codes, personality, values, skills preferences, abilities preferences and work environment. Career recommendations are updated in real-time after each response to provide an inspiring experience.


Sokanu’s dashboard guides students seamlessly through 4 steps of career exploration. The dashboard is the hub where students view their progress and results, as well as access their detailed reports.


Career matches show students’ compatibilities to a wide range of careers. Matches are based on the O*Net content model for occupations developed by the US Department of labor and reviewed and supported by the National Academy of Sciences (2010). To further improve matches, we then go beyond O*Net by mapping careers to basic interests identified as important by Day and Rounds (1997). The result is Sokanu’s proprietary Career Genome Project.

Career Pages delve deeper into Sokanu’s database of over 600 careers and provide valuable statistics, informative descriptions, articles and videos.


Sokanu reports are intuitive and content rich. Students can explore reports on their personality, interests and preferences, and examine details on 186 individual traits. Reports help students decipher their strengths and how relevant they are to specific careers.

Helping Counselors

Introduce students to career exploration as they enter college with Sokanu’s engaging, easy-to-use platform. Our online product reaches on-the-go students effectively on laptops, tablets and mobile devises and encourages independent research. Students arrive at career centers with more knowledge about themselves and careers, yielding more productive meetings with your staff.

Track Engagement

Sokanu gathers valuable data about your student body that tracks engagement. Up to date student progress and reminders can assist with participation and retention in career centers.

Manage Student Progress and Results

Counselor dashboards display a summary of each student’s Sokanu results including strongest character traits, top career matches and careers of interest. Progress and next steps are clearly indicated, keeping student progress on track.

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