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4 Dimensions of Fit

What does it mean to "fit" with a career? We measure it four different ways.


Will I find this career interesting?

Research shows that people's interests in a career are the number one predictor of satisfaction.


Will I be good at this career?

Personality fit with a career is the best predictor of on-job performance. Jobs with high personality fit are not always obvious and might surprise you.


Will the typical workplace of this career make me happy?

Whether you prefer working indoors or outside, with supervisors or independently, workplace is a strong determinant of at-work happiness.

History & Goals

Will my life position help me get a job in this career?

Where you live, your experience, and your salary expectations are all important when looking at not just careers but jobs.

How it works

Explore your matches

You can then sort and filter your matches based on what’s important to you. Do you care more about careers you’re interested in or ones with workplaces that fit your needs?

Deep dive into your matches

Dive deeper into your compatibility by viewing hundreds of career compatibility reports that describe how and why you fit against each career across over 100 traits.

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Take the questionnaire

Once you sign up, you’ll be taken directly to our assessment. Real time career recommendations improve as you answer more questions. You can log back in at anytime and take it at your own pace.

Discover your strengths

To help you think through career decisions, your personality report broadly outlines your ideal work environment, your strengths, and things that might frustrate you on the job.

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See how you compare to others

The trait report takes a detailed look into all of your 126 traits and how your scores compare to the rest of the world.

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Find a job that fits

Sokanu can help you find work that suits your interests, personality, and ideal work environment.

Once you take the Sokanu career test, we recommend you jobs that suit you. If you are a particularly good fit, we work with employers to prequalify you for jobs, boosting your odds of getting hired!

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