The beginnings of the profession can be traced back to the medieval era. French noblemen left the care of their castles, its residents, and their guests in the hands of an individual. These persons were called the “keepers of the candles" or “comte des cierges” in French. They were entrusted with the keys of the castle. Although the job today still entails making either the stay or travel of an individual memorable, it has gone beyond this level of service.

Concierges are often masters of the ins and outs of their locale. They know how to get their clients to places that interest them, they know people who can facilitate the unique and challenging needs of the people they serve. The really good ones seem to be capable of nearly anything, both the unusual and the impossible. All high-class reputable hotels have these cordial quick-thinking people in their employ. They are most often recognized as the face of the institutions they serve.

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