Credit analysts, also known as financial analysts in the business world, play a very important role in the health of the economy. Credit makes the entire modern economy function from day to day. Without the objective recommendations of financial analysts, banks and insurers would not be able to extend lines of credit to businesses or individuals seeking loans for homes, cars and occasionally employee payrolls as well.

Assessing many different risk factors encompasses collecting a large amount of financial information. Credit analysts compile these financial records and make wise recommendations on whether or not to extend credit. Objective financial analysis is the hallmark quality of successful credit analysts, particularly analysts employed at large global financial institutions.

Credit analysts combine the intricacies of financial statements with current financial market conditions. Given the instability in the global economy as a whole, opportunities for employment as a credit analyst are in very high demand as companies large and small look for ways to remain profitable. Providing companies and investors with the financial analysis necessary to make shrewd business choices gives credit analysts ample opportunity to earn very lucrative performance-based bonuses as a result.

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