A manager in human resources oversees and manages a company's human resources department. In some companies the human resources department can be quite large with numerous employees, while other smaller companies may only have one human resources manager to handle all aspects of the department.

The greatest portion of a human resources manager's day-to-day job is addressing the needs and issues of the employees, from hiring and firing to payroll and dispute management. Therefore, a manager in human resources must above all be a people person.

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Luz Iglesias was a Human Resources Manager

The best part of being an HR manager or senior practitioner is advising clients on how to best organize their people. For me the greatest satisfaction came from knowing that my clients trusted me to give them solid advice, and also using my knowledge and experience to influence them to use better people practices in their organizations.

Cheyanne Peters is a Human Resources Manager

I enjoyed the opportunity to meet new people and hear their stories. I enjoyed being able to use my analytical skills to track and manage projects. I did not like working with people as resources

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