Librarians are professionals trained in information science. Working at a school, local library in a town, or even for the government, a librarian aides those in need of informational articles and services while managing and organizing those materials as well.

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What Do Librarians Do All Day? Or, A Day In The Life Of A Music Librarian ethnomusicologyreview.ucla.edu

Like many librarians, I am often asked if I read books (or listen to recordings) all day long. I realize this question is often asked with tinges of envy since, in academia, we are all in our lines of work because we love books and music.

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Two Days In A Librarian’s Life www.voicesforthelibrary.org.uk

Librarians have varied and interesting jobs! This librarian works 15 hours per week in a Local Studies post, and has shared with us the enquiries they researched and responded to, with the help of one assistant, in just two days last week...

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