One occupation that many people are becoming increasingly interested in pursuing is in the water transportation field. In particular, the need for ship loaders is increasing at an impressive rate, and once the minimum requirements are met, ship loading can be a very rewarding occupation.

A ship loader is an individual who is responsible for loading and unloading ships, maintaining the ship, and spending multiple hours, days or weeks aboard these vessels. This occupation varies quite a bit based on what kind of work is required and what types of distances are being transversed. For example, a cargo loader who specializes going up and down a local river might only be gone for a few hours while a ship loader transporting goods to from country to country may be out-of-town for days or even weeks. The work is also often seasonal due to the fact that it is quite a bit more difficult to transfer goods via waterways during winter.

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Employment Stats

High school diploma required

Growing by 2.7% over the next 8 years

$46K Average annual salary