What does a Spa Manager do?

What is a Spa Manager?

A spa manager is responsible for the day-to-day operations of a health or beauty spa. They handle the bookkeeping, the employees, and the services that are offered by the spa. Depending on the size of the spa, they may be more business-centered or they may serve customers in more of a customer service oriented role. Besides the owner, they are second in command at the spa and in charge of all of the aspects of the business.

What does a Spa Manager do?

The business aspects of this career involve keeping up with all of the books for the spa. They are responsible for the payroll and vendor payments. They must work with suppliers to order needed supplies for the spa. They must also keep track of all inventories in the spa so that all of the inventory is kept stocked and ready.

Another business responsibility for the spa manager is to run promotional campaigns. They are responsible for the advertising methods for campaigns and the production of flyers and other advertising tools. They may also contact potential members to recruit customers.

Spa managers are responsible for employee relations. They conduct all of the hiring, firing, and training of employees. They provide the disciplinary actions and performance reviews for employees and monitor employees for correct work performance in the spa. Managers are also responsible for conducting training workshops for employees to gain new skills in spa techniques. They will arrange for specialized training classes for employees, such as CPR and other certification.

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How to become a Spa Manager

Requirements to be a spa manager vary by country and city. Most management positions require some type of degree in business management. A two year degree in business management is important for this type of employment so that one knows how to conduct the business aspects of the spa. It also helps to have further certifications that deal with the spa business.

Certification in personal training and fitness

CPR and first aid certification

Specialty certifications such as in Yoga or other fitness instruction helps

Most spa managers also become certified in massage and other therapies. Managers must maintain their certifications through continuing education classes throughout their career. The more certifications that a manager has, the further they will go in this career.

Excellent people skills are vital in being a spa manager. Since the manager deals with both employees and customers, it is important that they are able to work well with others and have good customer service skills.

Teaching and training skills are also important. The spa industry is constantly changing so the training of employees on new skills and innovations in the industry are vital. The manager must be able to train and teach new strategies to employees so that progression can be maintained in the spa.

Managerial skills are important. A degree can give the basics of the career, but one must have a head for business to succeed in this role. Since the manager must make tough business and employee decisions, it helps to have a good grasp on authority and business choices. A good manager should be able to run all of the aspects of the business and delegate authority to employees as required.

What is the workplace of a Spa Manager like?

The workplace of a spa manager is in the spa. Most managers have a private office where they conduct the business aspects of the job. The spa environment may involve exercise rooms, therapy rooms, and pools and hot tubs. The manager works in all of these environments as they oversee the operations and employees throughout the day. They alternate between the office environment and the spa floor as they carry out their managerial duties through the day. The may also have to work in a storeroom environment to handle inventory.

Many people find the spa workplace a relaxing place to work just from the sheer nature of the spa experience. While the business aspect of the job can be stressful at times, the relaxing surroundings of the spa can often help with those stresses.

The spa manager is in charge of large pieces of equipment and the overseeing of their use. This can be dangerous if cautions are not taken for safety. It is important that the manager makes sure that all safety precautions and rules are followed by all of the spa staff and the customers at all times to prevent injury. This creates a safe work environment for all concerned.