Traffic technicians, also known as traffic technologists, are skilled workers who specialize in the technical aspects of controlling and studying vehicle traffic. A more general job title for traffic technicians is civil engineering technician, but more often than not, traffic technicians focus exclusively on issues involving roadways. Civil engineering technicians, on the other hand, handle a much broader range of responsibilities such as working on building construction sites.

Traffic technicians may work on newly constructed roads, but usually they perform more duties that are related to maintenance. Traffic technicians are professional engineering specialists who work under the guidance of a civil engineer in most cases.

Occasionally, traffic technicians fulfill the role of researcher and data collector when assisting a civil engineer. Expanding a decades-old interstate highway, for example, requires a large amount of data collection in order to accommodate modern traffic flow. Without the real-world expertise of traffic technicians, civil engineers would not be able to apply experimental concepts.

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