A transit officer is a police officer that specializes in maintaining order and balance on any transportation system. Whether they work for a freight company, railroad, bus line, subway, or other form of transportation, transit officers keep the people and property on these systems safe. These officers are responsible for responding to and investigating crimes that occur in these specific environments.

Examples of transit officers are transit officers that work for Amtrak police, or the Transit authority police of any municipality such as the transportation authority of Massachusetts Bay. Most only have limited power and can only investigate crimes and apprehend criminals that are in violation of transit rules and regulations or on transit property. Some transit officers, such as those in Utah, have full power of jurisdiction, meaning they can arrest for other crimes when necessary.

In areas where rail travel and freight are prominent, transit officers are necessary assets that keep the railroad running smoothly. They keep passengers and freight safe and make sure that illegal contraband doesn’t get through on railways to other places. They are the people that make sure passengers get from point A to point B safely and securely.

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