Treasurers, also known as financial managers in certain job settings, are experts in finance who directly oversee the long-term and short-term budgetary goals of a business or an organization. Another interchangeable job title used to describe treasurers is financial officer, the preferred term in the corporate business world. In a large corporation the chief financial officer presides over the financial decision making process of the entire company's portfolio of investments and acquisitions.

Financial officers ensure that a business or organization stays in good financial health by producing detailed financial statements and coordinating investment decisions. Financial officers also work in tandem with other corporate executives in order to create and meet the quarter-to-quarter budgetary benchmarks as instructed by the chief executive officer.

Treasurers used to work to monitor the day-to-day finances of a business, but in the modern era advances in computer software technology have created a shift in the job responsibilities of treasurers. Today, treasurers can focus more of their time on raising capital, coordinating mergers, and deciding on which companies to acquire in order to further the success of a business or organization.

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