A person passionate about the internet and computers is ideally suited for a position in web development. A web developer is also known as a web content developer or a front-end developer. A Web developer is someone who programs web pages, and is more focused on the way a website works than how it looks. Some developers freelance their skills to various organizations. Others choose to outsource their skills to organizations by using their expertise to act as consultants or independent contractors.

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If you use the web to do things like book a flight, comment on forums, view a bank balance, report a fault… and countless other tasks, then a web developer will have been involved in making sure it all works smoothly.

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Learn the key to finding a job you love, remind yourself of the importance of play (hint: they’re connected), and discover what on earth a “sprite” is as we chat with Glen Elkins, who works as a front-end developer at Room 214, a social media agency based in Boulder, Colorado.

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Patrick Jordan was a Web Developer

I liked that there were many problems to solve and they needed to be solved in a creative way. Web Programming tends to be less structured than most computer programming and therefor allows for creative freedom.

Jean-Marc Skopek is a Web Developer

I've never had formal training as a programmer, but I started hacking things together from a very early age. There's something incredibly rewarding about seeing something go from an idea in your head to a real, usable thing. Some of my best weekends ever have been the ones where I was holed up in a dorm room with a stack of red bulls and a hotline to the nearest pizza chain, racing against the clock to prototype some zany idea

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