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Career Satisfaction Salary Growth Degree
Photo of Tailor


Beauty & Style
3.8/5 $29k - High School
Photo of Spa Manager

Spa Manager

Beauty & Style
3.3/5 $39k - Certificate/Associates
Photo of Skincare Specialist

Skincare Specialist

Beauty & Style
3.6/5 $33k - Certificate/Associates
Photo of Sewing Machine Operator

Sewing Machine Operator

Beauty & Style
3.4/5 $25k - None
Photo of Seamstress


Beauty & Style
3.7/5 $29k - High School
Photo of Nail Technician

Nail Technician

Beauty & Style
3.3/5 $24k - High School
Photo of Model


Beauty & Style
3.9/5 $37k - None
Photo of Make-Up Artist

Make-Up Artist

Beauty & Style
3.8/5 $30k - High School
Photo of Hand Sewer

Hand Sewer

Beauty & Style
4.0/5 $25k - High School
Photo of Hairdresser


Beauty & Style
3.2/5 $33k - Certificate/Associates
Photo of Fashion Designer

Fashion Designer

Beauty & Style
3.6/5 $50k - Certificate/Associates
Photo of Costume Designer

Costume Designer

Beauty & Style
4.2/5 $49k - Certificate/Associates
Photo of Costume Attendant

Costume Attendant

Beauty & Style
3.7/5 $53k - Certificate/Associates
Photo of Aesthetician


Beauty & Style
3.4/5 $28k - Certificate/Associates

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