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What is a Biofuels Production Manager?

Also known as: Biofuel Production Manager, Biofuels Production and Plant Manager, Biofuels Operations Manager, Biodiesel Plant Production Manager, Biodiesel Production Manager.

A biofuels production manager is responsible for overseeing the manufacture of biofuels, including facility management, budget implementation, and quality assurance controls. The job entails the ability to work well with others, as well as the ability to supervise and manage people throughout the biofuel manufacturing process.

What does a Biofuels Production Manager do?

In the wake of growing interest in a green economy and the rejection of fossil fuels, new “green” occupations are growing. Biofuels are alternative fuels extracted from plants, or treated municipal and industrial waste, also referred to as biomass.

A biofuel production manager is responsible for the production of alternative fuels or biofuels, and has both an overall and detailed knowledge of the production process. He or she is responsible for making sure production is conducted properly in order to guarantee the health and welfare of employees and the environment.

Duties of a biofuel production manager:

  • managing operations at biofuels power generation facilities, including production, shipping, maintenance, or quality assurance activities
  • supervising production employees in the manufacturing of biofuels, such as biodiesel or ethanol
  • conducting cost, material, and efficiency studies for biofuels production plants or operations
  • engaging in data analysis of production levels while tracking effective and ineffective safety procedures
  • drawing samples of biofuels products or secondary by-products for quality control testing
  • preparing and manage biofuels plant or unit budgets
  • providing training to subordinate or new employees to improve biofuels plant safety or to increase the production of biofuels
  • providing daily and weekly reports to superiors
  • gathering information and analyzing personnel performance and factory production
  • considering and applying available information to solve problems as they occur and prevent problems from occurring
  • adjusting temperature, pressure, vacuum, level, flow rate, or transfer of biofuels to maintain processes at required levels
  • approving proposals for the acquisition, replacement, or repair of biofuels processing equipment or the implementation of new production processes

What is the workplace of a Biofuels Production Manager like?

Biofuel production managers are employed in manufacturing industries, including fabricated metal product, transportation equipment, and computer and electronic product manufacturing. Production managers work in all parts of the country, but jobs are most plentiful in areas where manufacturing is concentrated.

How can I become a Biofuels Production Manager?

Applicants with experience in production occupations, along with a college degree in industrial engineering, chemistry, environmental science, management, or business administration (particularly those with an undergraduate engineering degree and a master's degree in business administration or industrial management), will enjoy the best job prospects. Employers also are likely to seek candidates who have excellent communication skills and related work experience and who are personable, flexible, and eager to enhance their knowledge and skills through ongoing training.


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