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What is a Biofuels Production Manager?

Also known as: Biofuel Production Manager, Biofuels Production and Plant Manager, Biofuels Operations Manager, Biodiesel Plant Production Manager, Biodiesel Production Manager.

A biofuels production manager is responsible for overseeing the manufacture of biofuels, including facility management, budget implementation, and quality assurance controls. The job entails the ability to work well with others, as well as the ability to supervise and manage people throughout the biofuel manufacturing process.

In the wake of growing interest in a green economy and the rejection of fossil fuels, new “green” occupations are growing. Biofuels are alternative fuels extracted from plants or treated municipal and industrial waste, also referred to as biomass. A person passionate about the environment is perfectly suited to the management and production of biofuels.

What does a Biofuels Production Manager do?

Duties vary for a person trained as a biofuel production manager. Data analysis of production levels while tracking effective and ineffective safety procedures is part of the production manager's job. In fact, all aspects of the production and management of biofuel personnel are within the purview of the biofuel production manager. Daily and weekly reports to superiors are also a part of the job for a biofuel production management.

Processing information and decision-making are routine to the person who is a biofuel production manager. Information must be gathered and analyzed in relation to personnel performance and factory production. The production manager is responsible for considering and applying available information to solve problems as they occur and to prevent problems from happening.

A manager is responsible for the production of alternative fuels or biofuels. The biofuel production manager has both an overall and detailed knowledge of the production process. He or she is responsible for making sure production is conducted properly to guarantee the health and welfare of employees and the environment. The development and implementation of standard operating procedures essential to factory manufacture and biofuel development are part of the duties of someone who works in biofuel production as a manager.

What is the workplace of a Biofuels Production Manager like?

A biofuel manager's workplace is conducted throughout the factory where production of biofuel occurs. Naturally, some work is conducted in the manager's office. Regular reports regarding the process of biofuel production are a necessary, routine part of the biofuel production manager's job. In some cases, interviews and employee training are conducted in a manager's office.

However, for the most part, the workplace of the biofuel production manager is directed at the processes of producing biofuel and the employees responsible for the manufacture of biofuel. Factory equipment must be inspected regularly to assure that the equipment is working optimally and within company and government guidelines.

How can I become a Biofuels Production Manager?

The right combination of experience and education are the keys to becoming a biofuel production manager. An educational background in environmental science, chemistry or engineering is the beginning of a career in producing environmentally friendly biofuel. Experience working in groups, along with further educational background in business management, provides the essential combinations toward the goal of a career in biofuel management.

The initiative and desire to develop alternative, ecologically friendly fuels is important for anyone interested in becoming a biofuel production manager. As biofuels are developed, attention to detail is an important skill toward production and storage of ecological fuel. A production manager is responsible for assuring that biofuels are developed safely and in a manner that is not harmful to the environment. A passion for improving lives through the development of environmentally sound alternative fuels is essential to becoming a production manager.

The ability to think critically and make effective decisions is essential to a biofuel production manager. A biofuel production manager must have the ability to solve problems practically and efficiently, whether these problems are the result of personnel or faulty plant operation. A biofuel production manager must have the ability to multi-task in a fast-paced environment. Decision-making and the ability to follow through are essential in a successful career in biofuel production management.

Management skills demand that an individual in a supervisory position be capable of developing employees toward their greater potential. Therefore, people skills are an important part of the production manager's abilities. A production manager must be able to communicate clearly, both orally and in writing. The production manager is responsible for speaking with those in upper management, as well as educating the public, employees, and outside consultants.

Technical knowledge in the production of biofuels is also a necessity. A bachelor's degree in business management, with a minor in agriculture, bio-resources, environmental science or engineering, provides the necessary educational background. Bachelor's degrees in chemistry, biology or engineering are also acceptable. In many cases, a person interested in biofuel production management must have two to three years of experience in the field before being promoted to production manager. Knowledge must be heavily coupled with experience in the field.

Biofuel production management couples scientific knowledge with the added skills and knowledge necessary to manage people. Skill and knowledge keep the biofuel production manager attuned to the needs of employees and their safety, while keeping biofuel manufacture at high levels. Therefore, a unique blend of people and technical skills and knowledge are required from the successful biofuel production manager.


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