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What is an Education Administrator?

An Education Administrator is a specialized type of Principal. Also known as: School Superintendent.

Education administrators are employed in universities and colleges, schools, preschools, and daycare centres. They manage routine activities and provide instructional leadership at these institutions. They may also be employed at businesses, museums, correctional facilities, and community service organizations to direct their educational programs.

What does an Education Administrator do?

School administrators work in every level of education. They may direct programming, hire and supervise staff, manage budgets, and make decisions that affect the academic community. They are also in charge of developing a direction and mission for the facility at which they work.

The actual specific job functions for an education administrator will vary depending on the institution of employment. For schools, this job is usually the role of a principal or assistant principal. For private schools and businesses, the job may be as a director of programs or head master. Libraries and museums often employ administrators as instruction coordinators. For colleges and universities, education administrators are employed at all levels of the management structure — as admissions officers, department heads, and as deans and provosts.

Making policies and procedures and setting educational aims and standards is the responsibility of an education administrator. They act as a supervisor for managers and support other faculty, such as librarians, coaches, teachers, and aids. In small organizations, such as a daycare, there may be only one administrator in charge of all these duties. At larger institutions, such as universities or large school systems, several administrators share the workload, each having a specific responsibility.

Education administrator's responsibilities include:

  • handling relations with parents, students, employers, and the community
  • managing budgets and ensuring financial systems are followed
  • overseeing record-keeping
  • managing student services such as guidance programs
  • training, supervising, and motivating faculty including teachers and auxiliary staff
  • working on committees including academic boards, governing bodies and task groups
  • assisting with recruitment, public or alumni relations and marketing activities
  • providing administrative support to an academic team of lecturers, tutors or teachers
  • drafting and interpreting regulations and dealing with queries and complaints procedures
  • maintaining high levels of quality assurance, including course evaluation and course approval procedures
  • contributing to policy and planning
  • purchasing goods and equipment, as required, and processing invoices
  • liaising with partner institutions, other institutions, external agencies, government departments and prospective students
  • organizing and facilitating a variety of educational or social activities

What is the workplace of an Education Administrator like?

Education administrators are employed by public and private schools, school districts, colleges, and universities to plan and oversee educational policies. Administrators are also hired by private preschools, museums, and libraries to manage curricula and educational programs.

Day-to-day activities of education administrators generally includes meetings with teachers, parents, and school staff. Work is completed in an office environment, with paperwork often being necessary. While the job has a typical work day and work week, after-hours meetings and attendance at school events is often necessary.

How can I become an Education Administrator?

Completion of a master's degree is generally required for school administrators, with preschools and some private schools requiring only a bachelor's degree in education. Administrators also frequently earn a doctorate if they desire to rise in the hierarchy. In addition, licensure or certification is necessary for many positions. This profession often requires training.


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