What does an Entrepreneur do?

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What is an Entrepreneur?

Also known as: Lifestyle Entrepreneur, Serial Entrepreneur, Social Entrepreneur, Business Entrepreneur, Disruptive Innovator, Innovator, Business Leader, Business Operator

An entrepreneur refers to a person who has a business idea, and who is willing to take a risk to implement that idea; also taking the role as a leader of the company or organization and assuming full responsibility for its execution, success, or failure. A modern interpretation may associate being an entrepreneur with innovative and creative ideas for online use, and with someone who can use the power of the internet to fill a niche.

An Entrepreneur is a specialized type of Chief Executive.

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What does an Entrepreneur do?

There are various types of entrepreneurs:

A business entrepreneur is someone who has an idea or product for the business world. It is usually a new or different idea, something that has not been seen before, or something that provides a new twist or improvement for an existing sector.

A social entrepreneur is someone who has innovative ideas for social change, or new solutions to social problems, and dedicates their time to bringing these ideas to fruition. This might include issues of inequality or poverty; an example would be to create a new charity to address these issues.

A serial entrepreneur refers to someone who has a lot of ideas and constantly starts up new companies or enterprises to implement these ideas. Generally a serial entrepreneur will have had good success or successes with previous ventures, allowing him/her to start up new ventures.

A lifestyle entrepreneur refers to someone who starts up their idea or venture based on a sport, hobby or pastime they are passionate about. For this type of venture, usually large start-up costs are required. Often people who have been successful in the business world and have some of their own money to invest might make this transition.

What is the workplace of an Entrepreneur like?

Generally the workplace will be office-based, but it may vary. The size of the workplace will depend on the size of the venture and may start at home or in a small office and grow to a large corporation. For some ventures, the workplace will be dependent on the specific idea or industry, for example a sporting venture may require a sports facility and this would serve as the workplace.


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