Entering this field typically requires post-secondary education. A bachelor’s degree in an area such as interior design, three-dimensional design, or exhibition design is usually satisfactory. Marketing and communications classes can also be helpful, especially for interactions with clients, or for those who seek to become lead designers within their company. Business administration is also an option to pursue for designers who would like to open their own design firm. All of these areas can be studied at most accredited four-year universities as well as specialized art schools found all over the world. Candidates with a strong art or design background and a solid portfolio can also enter this field provided that they have experience working with others and with clients.

What are Exhibit Designers like?


Based on our pool of users, Exhibit Designers tend to be predominately artistic people. Take our career test to see what career interest category best describes you.

Exhibit Designers by Strongest Interest Archetype

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Are Exhibit Designers happy?


Exhibit Designers rank highly among careers. Overall they rank in the 84th percentile of careers for satisfaction scores.

Exhibit Designer Career Satisfaction by Dimension

Percentile among all careers

Education History of Exhibit Designers

The most common degree held by Exhibit Designers is Fine Arts. 11% of Exhibit Designers had a degree in Fine Arts before becoming Exhibit Designers. That is over 6 times the average across all careers. Studio Arts graduates are the second most common among Exhibit Designers, representing 6% of Exhibit Designers in the Sokanu user base, which is 11.2 times the average.

Exhibit Designer Education History

This table shows which degrees people earn before becoming an Exhibit Designer, compared to how often those degrees are obtained by people who earn at least one post secondary degree.

Degree % of Exhibit Designers % of population Multiple
Fine Arts 11.0% 2.0% 5.6×
Studio Arts 6.1% 0.5% 11.2×
Interior Design 6.1% 0.4% 13.6×
Commercial Art And Graphic Design 4.9% 0.3% 17.1×
Graphic Design 4.9% 1.3% 3.6×
Liberal Arts 2.4% 1.9% 1.3×

Exhibit Designer Education Levels

48% of Exhibit Designers have a bachelor's degree. 39% of Exhibit Designers have a master's degree.

No education 0%
High school diploma 0%
Associate's degree 4%
Bachelor's degree 48%
Master's degree 39%
Doctorate degree 4%

How to Become an Exhibit Designer

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