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What is a Human Resources Manager?

Also known as: HR Manager.

A manager in human resources oversees and manages a company's human resources department. In some companies the human resources department can be quite large with numerous employees, while other smaller companies may only have one human resources manager to handle all aspects of the department.

The greatest portion of a human resources manager's day-to-day job is addressing the needs and issues of the employees, from hiring and firing to payroll and dispute management. Therefore, a manager in human resources must above all be a people person.

What does a Human Resources Manager do?

Depending on the size of the company, the manager of human resources could serve a variety of functions. Human resources generally handles the recruiting, screening, and hiring process for all new employees. This department will also help new employees set up their payroll and explain the benefits available to the new employee.

Human resources also informs current employees of any updates or changes to their payroll or benefits. Human resources is also the department that deals with disputes or harassment claims within the company as well as developing policies for employee services, counseling, and general employee welfare.

A manager in human resources holds a leadership position. As a manager he or she could employ a large team that oversees the needs and demands of hundreds of people within the company. A manager in human resources will oversee the pay rate for all of the employees as well as handling bonuses and raises across the company.

Employee morale is of vital importance to human resources, and they will need to create and implement practices to help foster high employee morale within the company. They will often conduct surveys to see which areas of the company can be improved upon, and then they must figure out which suggestions to implement and how.

Most importantly, a manager in human resources must be available to answer the questions and needs of the employees in the company. Employees may come in with any manner of issues and claims, and the manager must handle these complaints with professionalism while respecting and having a firm understanding of the employees and the company's rights. Human resources can never favor one employee over another and must see that all employees of their company follow the guidelines that have been set out for them.

What is the workplace of a Human Resources Manager like?

The daily work life for a manager in human resources will generally take place in an office setting with a typical nine to five workweek. However, depending on the type of company and style of workplace, other options may be available. The workload will vary depending on when the fiscal year ends or if there are any major upheavals or changes within the company, so proper time management skills are incredibly important.

A manager in human resources will also have to expect a certain amount of interruptions in their day. Employees may come to them with issues that require immediate assistance, and the manager will have to address these problems as they arise. The human resources manager will also be called in to advise the leaders of their companies when policies change, and a manager in human resources must have a firm grasp of the local and federal labor and employment laws and how they apply to employee relations.

Moreover, a manager in human resources will also need exemplary communication skills and the ability to multitask, as they will oversee a wide variety of employees and situations. They must also have attention to detail and very strong organizational skills, as a lot of different types of paperwork will pass through their office.

How can I become a Human Resources Manager?

Most companies now require at least a bachelor’s degree from an accredited university in order to become a manager in human resources. While many two-year programs do exist, a prospective employee interested in a management position in this field would do well to invest in a four-year education to have the best prospects for advancement. Many human resources managers also continue their education throughout their career by earning certificates and additional degrees in the specific aspects of their field. A manager in human resources will also typically have several years of experience within the human resources field before being promoted to manager.



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