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What is a Log Grader?

Also known as: Log Scaler and Grader, Log Grader and Scaler, Log Scaler, Log Evaluator.

A log grader is someone who inspects and grades logs. He also estimates the amount of value or marketable content in the pulpwood or logs found within a log deck, millpond, and sorting yard.

What does a Log Grader do?

A log grader evaluates the characteristics of logs and then determines their grades thanks to the use of established criteria. The grader will also record information regarding individual trees or the volumes into books or even collection terminals which are hand-held. He paints identification marks that are specific colours onto logs in order to identify species or grades using spray paint. He might also call out the grades to the log markers.

A grader will also measure the felled logs or pulpwood loads in order to calculate the weight, volume, marketable value, and dimensions, with the use of conversion devices and measuring devices. He will often cut the logs that are needed. The grader also measures the lengths of logs and marks the boles to buck into the logs, in accordance with specifications.

He will identify those logs that are of special or substandard grade to be returned to shippers, precut, regarded, or even transferred to do other processing. He jabs the logs using scale sticks’ metal ends, and then inspects the logs in order to ascertain defects or characteristics like splits, knots, broken ends, twists, rotten spots, water damage, and cures.

The grader goes to wharfs, skids, or sawmills in order to inspect pulpwood or logs. He communicates with his coworkers through using signals in order to direct the movement of logs. He also weighs the log trucks both before as well as after unloading, then records the load weights and identities of suppliers.

What is the workplace of a Log Grader like?

Although some of his time is spent in an office, he will spend the majority of his time outside checking the logs that he is responsible for. The person may spend time in a truck to transport their logs from one place to another as well.

How can I become a Log Grader?

One thing that should be noted is that there is no specific education level in order to have a job as a log grader. However, it is a good idea for the person to have a high school diploma when he looks for this kind of work. This will give the person a better chance of getting employment in that industry. It is also a good idea for the person to have some basic skills in communication, science and math. A really good way to achieve this job is through entering the industry of logging at the bottom and then working up the ladder.

The person should work hard to show bosses or managers that he has a good work ethic. This will also show that the person can do complex tasks. Any time there is an opportunity for advancement, the person should take that opportunity. He should also learn whatever he can about the industry of logging. This is going to help make the person a good promotion candidate. To reach the status of logging grader, the person should know a lot about the various woods, as well as what will make a specific log bad or good for a particular market. This means the person has to know about markets. This can be learned on their own but a lot of companies offer training on the job or apprenticeships to prepare a person for grading. If apprenticeships will be offered, the person should research qualifications and also have their resume ready to submit. These apprenticeships will vary in their length, but when it is over the apprentice will become a grader with really good pay and sometimes benefits for savings and health.

Among the responsibilities of log graders is operating heavy machinery safely. These skills can be learned by someone in various other positions in logging. This will make a person more attractive to employers. The job will entail a lot of dangerous work, therefore the person needs to know the right techniques for equipment and safety, since it will prepare them to get to grader status someday. Other grader functions are learned through apprenticeships or job training. But knowing the job particulars is a good idea for anyone who is interested in the grader job. When the person knows what is required, they will be ahead of the game and can start preparing themselves for their new job.

Anyone who wants to become a grader should enjoy the outdoors, since he will be spending a lot of time there. He should also like working with their hands and lifting things since he will handle the wood and will often be lifting it for inspection.


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