What is a Molding and Casting Worker?

Also known as: Molding & Casting Worker, Injection Molding Machine Operator, Molding Worker, Casting Worker.

A molding and casting operator is someone who molds and casts material. The material molded and casted depends on the type of industry a person chooses to enter. Industries that need molding and casting vary enormously; candy making, ceramics, tile casting and cosmetics are a few examples of companies that utilize casting and molding. A worker in this field is also responsible for assembling and filling molds to create a particular product.

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What does a Molding and Casting Worker do?

Machinery is used to trim molds, pour material into the molds, and insert materials into the molds. For example, watch-making requires very delicate instruments to be inserted into the mold before a cast is made. In the instance of candy-making, ingredients are added to the mold while hot and allowed to cool in the mold.

The worker is also responsible for inspecting molds and injected material to assure that the proper amount is being molded and cast. Molds are inspected to assure there are no cracks or seepage. Materials injected into molds are inspected for foreign material. Both types of inspection are necessary to producing a quality product. Monitoring of equipment and product production promotes safety and maintains high output of product.

Blueprints and technical drawings are read by the worker to assess production. These detailed outlines provide direction and information in molding and casting a product. The design or drawing is an accurate reproduction of the finished product and provides a schema toward product completion. Information in the blueprint may include revisions, materials needed for production and a list of abbreviations along with their meaning.

What is the workplace of a Molding and Casting Worker like?

The workplace varies widely for this type of worker, just as the type of material to be manipulated differs according to the manufactured product. The workplace may be small, such as in producing clockwork or casting jewelry. Or a molding and casting operator may work in a very large factory setting, such as in the ceramic, tobacco or candy-making industries.


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