What is a Vehicle Cleaner?

Also known as: Automobile Cleaner, Car Cleaner.

Vehicle cleaners are professionals that give dirty automobiles the special attention they need. They are the vehicle refining experts that use proper cleaning products and automotive cleaning machines that are able to remove the toughest stains and dirt found inside and outside of the customer's vehicle. They must remember that they cater to a wide variety of customers who believe in keeping their vehicle looking the best it can be on the road. These customers may range from the next door neighbor who may or may not be a car show exhibitor to the hospital down the street that needs a vehicle cleaner's help in ensuring their ambulance vehicle is thoroughly sanitized so that their vehicle can do its job. Vehicle cleaners take the important role of revamping a dirty ride and turning it into a clean, shiny and sanitized automotive.

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What does a Vehicle Cleaner do?

There are a number of the tasks that all vehicles cleaners worth their salt must be able to do. They must be able to rinse and wash the outside of the car thoroughly. This includes cleaning the vehicle's exterior, including its wheels, windows, mud flaps, and bumpers. A high-pressure hose is usually used to do this. Vehicle cleaners will also be responsible for operating the hose properly to successfully remove tough dirt and grime to clean the customer's vehicle. Quality pre car wash products and car shampoos are also used to thoroughly wash the exterior parts of the vehicle. It is also a vehicle cleaner’s job to apply high quality car wash products with a cotton clean pad in light circular motions on the vehicle's surface. These light circular motions are done to ensure that there will be no dent or scratch the customer's vehicle while cleaning.

Vehicle cleaners must also be able to dry, polish and buff the outside of the vehicle. They will use a soft, fluffy wool mitt to carefully dry the exterior of the wet car. This soft, fluffy wool mitt will glide easily on the surface of the customer's car, preventing unwanted scratches or dents while cleaning it. They will also be applying quality vehicle polishers and buffers that will help achieve the desired shine and luster look of the customer's ride.

Vehicle cleaners should know how to properly clean the vehicles tires. They will be using a brush to initially remove dirt and grime, and they will finish off the work by using a slightly harder sponge to polish the tires. It is important that they do not forget to use gloves while scrubbing off the dirt from the vehicle's wheels. This is to keep themselves safe from germs and avoiding the risk of getting ill.

Vehicle cleaners are able to blacken the tires and straighten any vehicle dents in a vehicle's number plates while polishing and cleaning a customer's vehicle. They are also in charge of removing surface scratches on the vehicle's bodywork.

Furthermore, vehicle cleaners thoroughly clean the interior of the vehicle. They must be able to vacuum the inside of the vehicle and shampoo the seats, carpet, and roof lining. Polishing of doorjambs and plastic work in the car's interior are also details which they need to pay attention to. Damp cloths and mild detergents are materials they will be using to clean the car's interior. They must also remove wrappers, papers or any litter that is visible in the customer's vehicle.

Lastly, vehicle cleaners will also be expected to clean the engine as well as the boot, doorsills and outside of the vehicle. This gives a customer's vehicle the brand new feel that most car wash companies want to achieve. Steam cleaning the customer's vehicle helps preserve the value of their vehicle since it is able to remove tough stains and freshen up the smell of the customer's vehicle.

What is the workplace of a Vehicle Cleaner like?

Vehicle cleaners may be required to work indoors or outdoors when doing a vehicle cleaning job. The environment of their workplace will occasionally be damp and wet. They might have to work around strong chemicals when doing some automotive detailing work, so it is important that they must be physically fit when taking on this job role.


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